FROM 1-11. South Atlantic-26°S

Apr 07, 2005 – 1636hrs UTC

1636hrs 07 Apr 2005 UTC Map Ref 154

Well here we go again. Another 50+ blast and increasing. We’ve been waiting for it for a couple of days and it’s just as unpleasant and nasty as I expected. The only difference from previous ones is that this one isn’t building on an existing swell so it’s not – yet – as vicious. Seems the cycle is two days of balmy sunshine followed by at least three of truly foul nastiness. And it’s the waiting that gets to me every time – we just have to sit them out, cant do anything except fret and watch the boat going backwards eating up great chunks of our previous gains. I havent got any feel for the scaleto these things yet in meteorological terms and I cant apply any of the usual rules. And I feel personally every crash and shudder and blast. We’ve worked down thro the sails and are now running abeam wiyth the storm jib at about 4 kts SW. SPBF.

I thought the RYA were stern examiners (you out there anywhere, Simon and Cloughy? Say G’day if you are, please –  it all helps) but whoever has set us this little test is a pure sadist. Looking at the grib, it seems this one is centred about 300 miles south just where we copped the really nasty one a week or so ago – its all a blur – and the centre is getting an AVERAGE 50+ so work that out.

I feel a Consultation coming on, then Pete wants a go.

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