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Apr 08, 2005 – 2000hrs UTC

2000hrs 08 Apr 2005 UTC Map Ref 157

Sorry, not everybody’s here, but I’m working on it. Fenwick, glad you’ve learned a bit of humility at last. Tell Gorde he doesn’t get his name in lights until e writes to us himself. Pass him the chivas.

Hugh and the Swordfish mob – g’day and thanks for kind words.  Really chuffing to know that there are people out there who actually take us seriously  – seems the corrugated mock up we drink in to get inspiration out at Fox is a good investment! Glad to know you did the Tassie trip – where next? I’ve lost Swordfish amongst all the other stuff that clogs my memory cell – please remind me.

WJR&J – have a great holiday – and a toasted mozzarella and mushroom sando for me. And we’d love to hear from Debra – one of my other most favourite people – take over from His Eminence please and keep the fires lit.

Doug and Estelle – if you want to know more about that bloke and the girl he married, you could try the Archivist in Stanley – I think her name is Jane Cameron, very well respected and you can find her thro the FI govt website. Interesting story, thanks. I’d love the old AGB to come swanning out here with a case of coldies, but they’d have a problem in this swell – even Catalinas had their limits…

Don – fascinating stuff – I knew about the foam problems but didn’t know you are working on it. Do those guys know about our dalliance with the sharp end of the enterprise or is it just something that happens in the wings, so to speak?

Michelle – Pete can answer that one!

Caro – good to get your news – we only do it to keep you lot amused and fooled…

Colin B. – so glad to hear that we’re doing something for you guys – Mostly, that’s why we went for the website. Next, you’ll be cruising South Georgia – to be recommended mightily, as far as we can see, at the right time of the year. Have a look at Antarctic Oasis, Tim & Pauline Carr, Norton, NY, 1998 – big coffee table book but gobsmacking. A future project for me, perhaps in two projects’ time…

Brian and Jen – glad you guys are still there – it means a lot to us and it’s great to get the occasional update from Dunedin. Closing for the winter, huh? What’s with you Kiwis – seems to me you should at least keep the bar open – and Bert – how was your trip to Stewart all those weeks ago?

Kim Q – he’s tough – pulls em out with the multi’s. Nice pic isn’t it?

Croo – I suppose you’d be interested in the saga of the toenail clippings then? Breathtaking stuff. Free the Dog!

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