FROM 1-18. Betwixt Madeira and Morocco

Aug 25, 2005 - 0920hrs UTC

0920hrs 25 Aug 2005 UTC 41’18”N 011’40”W Ref 310

DB: 24 hour run 116 = 619 total = + 19 sfsg!

The blackest of black nights – a bank of thick, low drizzly cloud rolled in from the west at dusk, took away the wind for a bit and so black that no horizon either. Most unusual, even at hight. When the moon rose, it added a gentle glow through the murk occasionally and once shone super bright like a stage floodlight through a hole away to the east, so that I could see the beam and the circle of light but not the moon. Eerie. And I can hear but not see the gulls. Also eerie. Just before dusk we sailed through a group of tiny black petrels sitting on the water and they all flopped and flapped and darted around the wavetops till we passed. Lovely sight.

Otherwise, so far,so good. Had some problems with transmitting and receiving emails – there is HF energy getting into the USB multi-serial port – but I think we can work around it. And we both seem to be needing lots of sleep – the day is a sequence of rather long and tedious watches separated by instantaneous three hour sleeps. I do the 0900 to 1200, 1500 – 1800, 2100-midnight, 0300 – 0600 sequence. We are on UTC and will stay that way.

From Brian and Jen, Dunedin, NZ

Great to know that you are on the move again, congrats on your 11th position in the fastnet race.Really looking forward to following this leg of your journey and will feast on your comments. Spring is on the way here in Dunedin, can now hear the birds as we wake in the morning.

We had a look at a beuatifully constructed Ganley 54 footer hull, only 70k for 200ks worth of construction, unfortunately the remaining work to do is beyond our finances.Will keep looking though and keep our expectations to around the 40ft mark.

Stay safe and keep them emails rolling in.

Brian and Jen, and any one else who sails shorthanded, you might like to have a look at – interesting outfit and the website is run by Diana Holder who is super helpful and looked after us very well. Thanks Diana. And we met a lot of other people through it, both before and after the Fastnet. Diana gave me a glass if wine not long after we finished, on a huge cat called Dazzle.

From Peter C.

I was talking to John K. a short while ago, and we’d like to ask if you and Peter would be available to present a talk about your circumnavigation exploits to CYCA Cruising next year. This would be at some suitable time after you’ve both settled down following the big adventure and the Hobart race. We were thinking of April or thereabouts, but it would need to be at a time that fitted in with your plans.

Wishing pleasant sailing to you both, and good fortune for the second half of Berrimilla’s voyage.

Peter C, we’d be delighted to talk to the Cruisers, but we still have to get home. Assuming that part of the operation is more or less successful, April seems about right. What do you think they’d like to hear about?

And Malcolm and Dave, Happy New Boat. We are about to carry out a long distance christening Consultation – what do you want to call her? Will be known as Little Red Rocket out here off Portugal for the time being. Reports, please, after you have taken her out a few times.

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