FROM 1-18. Betwixt Madeira and Morocco

Aug 25, 2005 – 2230hrs UTC

2230hrs 25 Aug 2005 UTC 40’21”N 012’16”W Ref 311

It’s been a bit cushy so far – haven’t done a sail change since we left. Biggest gust about 25 knots. For the sartorially inclined, I’m still wearing the same shirt I had on when we left – a rather stained blue number – and Pete changed out of his special Trum shirt into his Lord Howe polo and there we go.

Another very black night – low cloud but not as dark as last night – just possible to make out a horizon. Anyone looking down from above would see a phosphorescent arrow, our bow wave at the head, the wake trailing astern and two feathers spreading from the turbine 40 metres behind. Haven’t seen a ship for a couple of days – we are a bit far out, heading for Madeira and then outside the Cape Verdes to the equator. Almost back inside the 40 degree band – we don’t have to go outside it to get home although we will probably go south of it in the Indian ocean.

Hi Gerry and Donnaq, hi Maggie, David, Eleanor(I’ll write soon), Eve,

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