FROM 1-10. South Atlantic-Going up

Mar 30, 2005 - 0400hrs UTC │Clench-Inducing Sequences II

0400hrs 30 Mar 2005 UTC 45’58”S 050’27”W Map Ref 135

[ed: back on email an hour later]

2 more knockdowns. Liferaft carried away – inflated, full of wazter, towing behnind for time being, wioll try to recover if abates. 7 hours to daylight. just had a cup of tea. will update re liferaft – may need you to inform authorities. pls contact asap tell them we have potential emergency, ask they not limit connect time tfn.

4458 04927 30/0400 Unable to contact sailmail chile to send that bit so phoned Malcolm on satphone with position and sitrep.

Liferaft has since broken painter and carried away, so aksed Mal to report lost and drifting liferaft to AMSA. Liferafts now have rego numbers and can be linked to yacht so important to allay concern.

We’e both ok, no injuries this time, knockdowns far less severe. boat seems ok except for damaged stanchion, probably by liferaft casing but daylight will tell – 5 long hours to go. Back to watches, Pete resting (after soothing consultation..) till 0600. Bit messy and damp below but fixable. No letup in wind – still steady 60 -70 – we do pick em dont we?

Brittany, we should be ok for this evening, but I don’t think the cloud will have cleared. Will send est. posn. later if comms hold out. If not, perhaps you or Leroy could call close to relevant time and we can report by satphone. Drill as per last email if ok with L.


[ed: brief Sat phone call from Alex at 1000hrs 30 Mar 2005 UTC]

Conditions still very wild – high seas and strong wind.

Barometer is rising as the low moves slowly away to the south-east.

Just had another knockdown that sent the laptop flying. Not sure what damage it might have sustained and will probably not try getting it going again until things settle down a bit – so don’t be concerned if you don’t hear anything for a while.

Sat phone is working well.

Both fit and well but admit to being a bit tired.

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