FROM 1-32. Made it-Sydney

Dec 11, 2005 – 0043hrs UTC

0043hrs 11 Dec 2005 UTC 43’46”S 144’53”E Ref 640

We are now south ofTasmania. Woohoo! The wind has dropped to about 12 knots and we are going very slowly by comparison to yesterday. ETA SE Cape now more likely to be late tomorrow and RYCT during the night, slip first thing Tuesday after Customs clearance to fix the leak and scrub, back in the water a couple of hours later, load up and away again – out past Tasman Island and head north at last. Weather forecast up the coast not too encouraging so the sooner we get away, the better.

We have been advised that the media will be waiting for us inHobartand at Sydney Heads. We will do our best to behave.

If we ever get there! We are now becalmed and motoring at 3 knots – We will burn down to our last 5 litres of diesel and if no wind by then we wallow. The Examiner having another throw. All previous ETA’s is woff! Bigtime. If we’ve been clever enough with our conservation, we just may make it to SEC – 87 miles to go – Tas cloud covered mountains just over the horizon, Doug – and yes – I’ve been thinking about those Dutchmen in 1642 all day. What amazes me is that they got here in the first place – and then found their way back again. In, I think, the same year as Cromwell shortened Charles 1 by a head and changed the English democratic system irrevocably and probably for the good of the English – if not the rest of the world, who copped the result. Have you ever stood by the window Charles walked out of onto the scaffold? I have and it’s eerie. You have got to be out here to appreciate fully what Tasman achieved.

We are 48 miles from the nearest point inTasmania-SouthWestCape.

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