FROM 1-32. Made it-Sydney

Dec 11, 2005 - 1930hrs UTC

1930hrs 11 Dec 2005 UTC 43’36”S 145’50”E Ref 644

What a dawn! Tasmania’s ragged dragon’s tooth peaks grey in the mist with brilliant pinky orange sky and streaky clouds with little commas and fronds like flames, Maatsuyker light flashing its welcome and the Mewstone ominously poking up out to sea.

Wind still as on the nose as it could possibly be and not enough of it. Big swell over the shelf and into shallower water and we are motor-sailing in towardsSouthWestCapewith 49 miles to go toSE Cape. ETA SEC still about 1500 unless the wind changes. That means the loop will not be closed before midnight if we are lucky – sad if we have to go past the Iron Pot at night because there will be no photos and I think it may be unwise to fire off the white flares as well – we will check with Hobart Port Control as we close the Pot.

For anyone interested, I think there is a photo of Berri sailing out past the Pot on January 10 on the website. [ed: this one I think…] It’s a light on a little stone tower on a rock on the north side of the entrance to the Derwent – Not sure about the origin of the name but I think Malcolm will know. He is – we think – waiting around the corner at SE Cape to wave us in in Wildfire and the local BOGgers Chris and Colin in their two Brolgas Poitrel and Caelidh (Sorry, Colin, that’s the best I can do without extensive research) might be there too – maybe the mighty Quetzalcoatl with his face aflame as well. Pippin won’t be as David is duty radio bod today at Tascoast radio, but we will talk to him in a couple of hours.

Hoooley doooley. We’re not there yet – the Examiner struts the course with flail at the ready and we’re waiting for the Vogon poets to start their assault on the bus shelter – scant protection, we fear and no sustaining alcohol.

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