FROM 1-32. Made it-Sydney

Dec 17, 2005 - 2145hrs EDT

2145hrs 17 Dec 2005 EDT 37’54”S 150’34”E Ref 660

I’ve been asked ‘What’s all this stuff about a bus shelter?’ Well, everyone knows that NASA never really got to the moon – the whole thing was cobbled together in Warner Bros studios on some Hollywood film lot. The bus shelter started as an analogy for Berrimilla’s cockpit when I was explaining something or other and from there it sort of slipped out that we’re not really out in the oggin getting soaked and bashed up by the Examiner at all – we’re just a couple of old farts – deros really – drinking Guinness in an old bus shelter on the Fox studio lot on the old Sydney Showground – we have a stone age computer and we’ve been cobbling together these stories as the pile of cans mounts and the local dogs come and use our little abode as a pissoir. I hope that explains it satisfactorily. We’re due for eviction on Jan 10 to make way for a fast food outlet. I guess the Council will send the Vogons to do the demolition and read us some poetry. Can’t wait.

So – the next cobbled episode – back, at last, in super hoon mode belting in towards Green Cape and Merimbula in 25- 30 kt westerly with the 3 and a reef. Woohoo! Next time we get to green cape, it will be in anger, as it were – for those not familiar with the Rolex Sydney Hobart race rules, it is mandatory for each boat to assess its seaworthiness and ability to continue into Bass Strait when it reaches ‘the vicinity of Green Cape’. It is required to report to the radio relay vessel that it has done so and the Skipper and crew have elected to continue to race. Failure to make this report is ground for immediate disqualification. Green Cape light has a range of 17 miles and we are 46 miles SE at 6 knots so we should sight it in about 5 hours. Then we hug the shore all the way to Sydney to avoid as much of the East Australian Current as possible.

From Duncan W.

As I only got in to your epic trip somewhat late in the day I am reading the latest reports while catching up on the backlog.  I am up to April.  One of the most fabulous elements of this trip, apart from the scale of it, your tenacity and the simply mind-boggling conditions you have been through, is the quality of the log and the writing.  I love both your styles.  You allow us to share your experiences in a way that I have never come across before.  I don’t know either of you but through the writing I have built a picture of two people that I feel I know well.  You are clearly well read, you have enquiring minds and are able to converse comfortably at the cutting edge of communications technology.  But what I love most is the depth of the writing combined with the modern idiom and of course the humour.  Sharing the ‘clench’ is key to involving the reader in the journey.  Absolutely fabulous stuff and I am sure you are mindful of the fact that the book has already been written.  A little editing is all that is required.  I wouldn’t wonder, being the foreward thinking, ‘on the case’ people that you are, that the editing has not already started and that the hard copy will be presented to you when you arrive in Hobart (for the second time).  There’s a lot of joshing between Brits and Australians but deep down we admire the Australians and you stand for everything that we admire.  Well done and thank you for sharing it with us.  Now, back to the sitrep for April 20th 2005…

Duncan – thanks for kind words – the problem, as I see it, revolves around your three words ‘a little editing’ – which half of the library do we toss out? I don’t have any feel, from the bus shelter, for just how big it will be when all the bits are assembled.

From Bill H.

Hi guys, I am retired navy and ran across your adventures in an AARP magazine.

I am a little older but you are doing what I had always dreamed of doing. I got to visit your wonderful home land way back in the fiftys, too bad I was too young to appreciate it. If you possibly have the time I would love to get a post from you.

May you always have fair winds and following seas.

Bill – thanks – I remember meeting you that night at RANSA.

For all those asking where we will be when we get into Sydney – we will be at CYC, probably with the little boats on C Marina. We’ll be the one with a blue Fastnet battle flag between two green RS2H numbers.

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