FROM 1-33. Sydney-Hobart Race 2005

Dec 27, 2005 – 0025hrs EDT

0025hrs 27 Dec 2005 EDT 34’39”S 150’57”E Ref 670

Wind still SE – just on the edge of the Assy [ed: asymmetrical spinnaker] but with a 2 knot set taking us west. Having missed about a thousand lobster pots off the English coast during the Fastnet, we collected the floatline for a biggie just off Maroubra [ed: southern end of Sydney] – 3 floats all wrapped around the skeg and we dragged it along  for a bit and stopped. Pete flashed the Parts and jumped in with a knife to cut it away – he seems to like going overboard! We had to free the sheets to get the pressure off the pot line and make sure we stayed in touch with Pete – and we lost about 10 minutes. Gillawa [ed: smallest boat in the race – about a metre shorter than Berri] was just astern and they checked that we were ok as they sailed past. I think we may have caught them again. Wind has eased a bit. Fenwick [ed: he of the Berri shirt factory] and Sarah [ed: Pete’s daughter] on watch, first sked at 2005 this evening, then at 0705 and 1705 each day.

Berri going well – but we’re right out at the back now after the stall at South Head and the lobster pot. Some work to do. 2UE want to talk to us later, around 2100.

Sailmail misbehaving -not seeing outgoing messages – damn – and satcom down – antenna failure – double damn.

Wind now S will have to tack out to avoid Point Perp.

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