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Further to my last

My weatherfax alarm rather caught me mid stride – I had intended to say that all of you out there are our motive and our inspiration. We don’t have an army of therapists and motivators to keep us in the groove and creatively visualising – you are that army. You, and a lot of people who have contributed directly or indirectly to getting us here – thank you all. And special thanks to David Speed who is our link with you and without whom a lot of the interest would be lost. We discovered last time that the impact of what we were doing derived largely from the fact that people could read about it in real time and the vicarious experience was a whole lot more powerful for them as a result.

So thanks, all y’all and hang in there and ride the razor with us. I hope it’s worth the effort. In the Tao the best leader is described as the one to whom, at the end of the enterprise, his followers can say ‘We did it ourselves’. Would be great if you all feel some real involvement in this silliness however it turns out.

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