FROM 2-13. Equator-Cape Town


At 0905 UTC we launched Henry’s little box at 22.26.1 S 022.44.5 W with instructions to the hairy old fart with the trident to ensure that it gets delivered by his favourite mermaid. Jelly snakes, jelly beans and chocolate tied with red and green ribbon from Isbella and sealed with gaffer tape. As you do. Onya Henry!

Then I put my pot of contemplating Murph on the cockpit seat and Berri rolled and wallowed and – SPBF – another dent in the pot and only a mouthful of the stuff left. Serves me right – how long have I been out here??

Still in wallow mode, giving the red sail its first southern hemisphere outing. Twin poled at about 2.5 knots dragging our barnacle colony along for the ride and to get fat. Maybe not for long. If the wind drops, we’re over the side with a knife.

Norm wrote about all the named corners in Australia where the State boundaries meet – Doeppels, Surveyor Generals etc. – and noted that there is no name for the point where the Greenwich Meridian crosses the equator and did I have any suggestions? Best I can do Norm is Pi for Primary Intersection, AntiPi on the Date Line? Or perhaps Mercator Central which it wasn’t when he was alive but now is on most Mercator world charts. Pathetic really, but the best I can do.

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  1. David on said:

    Gem perhaps?