FROM 1-16. Lymington

Jul 06, 2005 - 1445hrs UTC │off Eddystone Lighthouse

5 miles south of the eddystone light – one of englands earliest lighthouses just off plymouth- last seen in 1962, going the other way. it has really got throught to me that we are acctually here – in berrimilla in the english channel. astonishing. sort of wow.

kevvo steering, new bearings and tight rudder both seem to work. start point just visible ahead, long line of ships going west along the southern horizon in the separation zone. haven’t planned this trip – top of head stuff, very slack – we hope to make the fairway buoy at the w end of ther needles channel at low water tomorrow afternoon – so we can go into the solent on a flood tide. may have to finesse it a bit..

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