FROM 1-15. Falmouth, Malta, and environs

June 05, 2005 - 1830hrs UTC │Falmouth

1830hrs 05 Jun 2005 UTC Falmouth

 Seems ridiculous – pete and me sitting in an internet caff at 0900 on wet sunday morning in Fmth on our way down to Berri and we’re really much less in touch and flexible than we were in Berri when the HF was working. Sailmail is great! I now have the mighty laptop configured for a Virgin account but we cant get access to a phone line. Local calls are timed, the place we are staying at has a walk around phone which is permanently on so the laptop cant get a dial tone so don’t even know if the connection works. 

Frustrating but we’ll get it sorted. The best option seems to be to get the radio fixed…

Going to do a big sort out on the boat today – trying to get things in more or less conforming heaps so we can start unloading – wich we have to do using the RCYC launch  at high water over the seawall into Jeremy’s shed. Nothing’s as easy as in Oz.

Tomorrow we contact riggers and electronics persons and get started on the fixes. Have discovered that this caff can actually accept downloads from the gigastik so will try and send some photos and the to-do list perhaps tomorrow.

Simon – I will copy the whole SOB folder on to a cd and send it to you – also airmail and easymail for Mal in case we lose the record. SOB has been a bit quirky of late- you might like to have a look at the tracks and see if there’s anything obvious – it’s been working pretty hard!

BJM – the Chain Locker is, as you thought, full of pokies and jukeboxes but still has a bit of the old atmosphere.  Not somewhere really conducive to a quiet ale tho.

I have been slowly reading all the catch up emails and Gust book entries – feeling as if all y’all are writing about someone else – hardly seems real but thanks in spades – it’s been a humbling experience and hard to describe how I feel at the moment but there’s still a deal of the driven soul around here sweating out the details of the next few weeks to make sure the next two stages work as well as the last ones


And it’s been an amazing ride and I’m glad you all got a kick out of it too.

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