FROM 1-15. Falmouth, Malta, and environs

June 06, 2005 – 1800hrs UTC │Falmouth

 1800hrs 06 Jun 2005 UTC Falmouth

Domestic updates for a couple of months from here. I have some more photos, some fromStanleyand theAtlanticand some historical which i will put on a cd for M &S. Here’s the To Do list for Fmth – just starting to get stuck into it – the rigger had a look this morning and things may not be too bad – but, as he said, there’s no guarantee with this stuff – it could go at any time and you are always taking a chance. Not good for the confidence levels – and we may change from swages to StaLok fittings for any other shrouds that we decide to renew.

We have organised the club launch to help us start unloading later today at high water and then we can start the massive cleanup. Yesterday was damp and dismold and we had a soggy time out on the water packing stuff into bags and sorting through six months of organic thingies in the corners of shelves and under bunkboards. Will try to photograph and video the barnacles and slime if the sun comes out today. Else we’ll do it as we slip the boat.

I’ve been organising 3rd partycar insurance for the old banger- nightmare – and having a slanging match with Telstra about collecting voicemail messages – still does’t always work – international roaming is now a complicated mish mash of local providers, undelivered SMS messages, funny charges and no-one knowing the full story. Another nightmare. I’m not good with bureaucracy and market speak from helpdesks – Hiii! – my name is tweetie! Now how can I help with your problem!! all said with rising inflection and often that note of boredom that must go with the job. But occasionally you get a real gem who makes up for all the others and I found one yesterday.

And the yard has just phoned to arrange to slip the boat so things are moving.

Went for a run in the rain yesterday and can hardly walk today. Serves me right.

You have asked about sleep patterns, when does the movement ground stop moving, how does the tummy cope with change of diet etc. My sleep pattern was geared around about two good 2-3 hour sleeps every 24 hours, usually during the night but sometimes just when I was knackered. Ashore, I usually get 4-5 broken hours at night and I’m back into that now. Moving ground didn’t really last more than the first few hours and my tummy likes fresh veggies and beer and other goodies. Haven’t been hallucinating as far as I know, unless it’s all hallucination anyway – sometimes feels as if it is..

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