FROM 2-5. Nome-Tuktoyaktuk (Canada)

K: A user-friendly watch!

Just finished a nice watch. Firstly, it's stopped raining so stuff can stop getting wetter. Then, the wind shifted in our favour so we lifted back up onto course and are sailing nicely towards Pt Barrow 200 NM away. Got a glimpse of land through the murk, and a satphone call from our friends on Amadino up ahead – they've made it around Pt Barrow with no problems from the ice! Fingers crossed for us. Alex managed to get the iridium modem talking again (bonus!), and just as good, pulled in a grib showing favourable winds will continue for us. Touch wood, all looking smiley for the next day or so.

To round things off, I've been doing some water management: squeezed some Chukchi Sea to drink, mopped down the condensation that's starting to collect on the un-insulated bits of the cabin and sponged the bilges (lots of water in there, not so good).

A good morning's work, so now to bed. Night!


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