FROM 1-8. Horn to Falkland Islands

Mar 11, 2005 – 2309hrs UTC

2309hrs 11 Mar 2005 UTC 55’54”S 066’43”W Map Ref 116 6341nm

Ok – that was the formal one – took the first couple of doses of RANSA elixir to compose. Left hand down a bit has now occurred and we are now torpid and dozy. The storms are over there – somewhere else.

Now we’re headed direct for the Falklands, leaving Staten Island to port – sad, but we got some local advice and decided that Le Maire Strait is too tricky for a couple of first timers. Various things to say – huge relief in actually getting round before the next set of nasties, the water is now grey, the wind has eased as we are now behind some biggish rocks and if it all holds together, we should be in Stanley in 4 days. We spoke to the Chilean Navy at Cape Horn and we think we will be called by the Argentine Navy sometime soon. Do wish I could speak Spanish. RANSA burgee flying along with minuscule Chilean flag, to be exchanged soon for similarly miniscule Argentine flag. Slarty’s signature clearly visible on the side of the Horn. A true artist – pity he’s been asleep for so long.

I’m told there are too many in-jokes in this stuff. Not really – if anyone wants to follow them up, there’s plenty of information for Googling. There are some personal ones, directly addressed, to bludgers like Fenwick, but you wouldn’t want to know about those anyway.

Sensational clouds looking back to the Horn. Black rain squalls now in the way with sunlight spearing down in mist and radiating light but no detail. Silhouette of the Cape in angled rays. I hope Pete’s photos work cos I’m here and he’s up there. He’s muttering about colours you don’t see in Sidney – clear blue skies, greys and pinks. Just had a look – woohoo fiery pinky orange clouds and digital cameras bloody miss it. Horn fading into a Turner sunset.

Simon, really sorry to hear the news from Hilary. We had a contemplative consultation.

As for the rest of you, go have a drink of something and celebrate for us.

Should we come back? For me, only if i could do it with Hilary. There are other things to do.

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