FROM 1-14. Nearly to Falmouth

May 20, 2005 – 1300hrs UTC

1300hrs 20 May 2005 UTC 32’31”N 031’13”W Map Ref 234 5893nm (1569nm to Falmouth)

stll hdg ) the barn 6kts. huge tnkr (?tu?.) just past ahead 3nm.  no sign drfitng s/v (kahinka f. any 1  kno story?). fixd chrge problm – bypast regltr for turbne. xpct pass clse san mig is azores 3 days time. v big port m o ‘wr all around. some flotsm – fshng gear? able get euro + radio stns – 1st sign approachng lndfl. no birds, bootferals feastng on new sox + cheesy bits. baboons baying frm gib. hope poor swimmrs else brits may hve 2 leave rock. awaitng promethea’s nxt move. mast climb pstpnd as wind up a bit – not rlly nec. precaut. only. today ‘on’ day. hoooley doooley woohoo.

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