FROM 1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 17, 2005 – 1015hrs UTC

1015hrs 17 Nov 2005 UTC 44’03”S 068’11”E Ref 564

db: dmg 94, gps 102, margin 443-26=417 – gradually slipping away but still in front and retrievable. day 89 and we have 31 days to get past tasman island and 40 to the start line. gc distance to se cape is 3250 so still just over 100 miles a day will do it but we also need time to stop, clear customs, (if possible down at adventure bay else waste a day going up to ryct) refuel etc. very very tight but we’ll get there barring any really nasty surprises from the examiner. for instance, looks as if there’s another soft high behind us so more light winds. we are, i hope, only temporarily out of any current (tks malcom) but making progress @ 6+ vmg directly east along 45 s. fingers, eyebrows toes and all else crossed, freckle puckered and all will be well. and we’re not a bit superstitious.

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