FROM 1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 18, 2005 – 0430hrs UTC

0430hrs 18 Nov 2005 UTC 44’52”S 071’20”E Ref 565

[Ed: Message received 20/11/05 0335hrs! – and I don’t think we’ve received the “previous update” that Alex refers to]

i have been trying for hours to send the previous update via satcom – i had seven goes at it, each to strvre, mal and the website addresses. each time, for every address, the system told me that the address was ‘incorrect or unreachable’. the message goes via the land earth station in perth to my isp, telstra/xantic, and i assume that incorrect or unreachable’ means that telstra/xantic’s systems are down or too busy to cope or just too inefficient to reach the internet. i don’t know how their billing system works but i bet they just count the bytes transmitted from this mobile station and bill me for all of them. we shall see when i get back  – not happy, given the cost of the equipment and the data charges.

so i don’t know if it ever arrived or whether this one will either. very frustrating. there are lots of excuses for sailmail, mostly, i fear, to do with the systems in this boat, but not for t/x as far as i am concerned. – the messages are reaching the les or i wouldn’t get the response, so the boat gear is working.

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