FROM 1-30. To abeam Cape Leeuwin

Nov 28, 2005 - 1130hrs UTC │ Day 100

1130hrs 28 Nov 2005 UTC 46’21”S 105’48”E Ref 596

Day 100 – big day – wind all over the ocean – we’ve done about one sail change every hour to keep Berri truckin towards that corner. Hard, cold difficult work and quite tiring. We ran the engine to give the battery a boost and make water and, apart from having to fix the alternator belt and almost splattering my finger, we made four litres and topped the batt up to 98% after which it’s not worth wasting diesel and the solar was working too. Inside the engine box then becomes Pete’s drying cabinet – he doesn’t like wearing seaboots so his sox are permanently damp – he takes them to bed with him, as I do mine, and they are almost warm when it’s time to get up into the coold cooold outside – and the engine box is a great place to dry sox, gloves, trackies – the lot. We both have a pair of waterproof Sealskinz sox which make a big difference – they are always wet inside too, but they keep your feet warm like a wetsuit. Then there was the moment when a drying sock fell out of someone’s fleecy tummy area into the at the time very active pee bucket. Not a good moment. Now evening, we have just the 4 up and we hope it will last us the night. Fat chance! We’re getting about 6 vmg. Gusty 30kts from the WSW. Uncomfortable but quick.

We are a long way south – right on, David, but it is worth it for the more constant wind – despite all those sail changes. About another 1200 to go down here, I think, then we can start inching north.

David – good to hear from you and you should be justly proud of the old Leven – she’s done a magnificent job. Good luck with the charter – we’ll see you on the line and in the Customs House at the end. Lynne, nice idea for a 29 – a bit tubby and slow without the extra – ours was Tasman Blue when we bought it – had it for about 5 years. Graeme, g’day, and thanks  for the offer to come down – we’re ok, I think, for the mo.

Wendy – g’day – had a couple of Dr Wendy’s specials yesterday for <2000 to go and past 100E. Thanks.

And a real find – we’re now out of just about everything snacky or sweet – permanently a bit hungry – but Pete found some chocolate topping and some golden syrup tucked away in a bin. Syrup hard as a rock in the cold – VoA here in negative numbers – and I have it under my fleece as I write.

So nice when I can get on to sailmail – all the hassles seem to disappear.

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