FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

A quickie while I pullo in a grib 2642.39 15651.14

Lots of stuff: had our first big splash over the cockpit coaming a few minutes ago so the Cone of Silence is now down – for the uninitiated new gusts, that’s a heavy plastic curtain that protects the nav station and the pointy bits of all the electronics without which all y’all would not be able to follow us. And the bottom stormboard – a half door that fits into the access ‘doorway’ from outside to inside the boat. When the cockpit fills with water, the stormboard keeps it as a swimming pool at the back rather than a flood inside. We hope.

Power – the airgen is not staying ahead of the output, so we have to run the engine for an hour every morning and evening to top up the batteries. We are clearly using more power than last time and I think it is probably the new instruments. We have to keep the autopilot in standby to get course and speed data which is an extra. This has other effects – it means that we can only make about 4.5 litres of water per day and we must monitor diesel use much more carefully. Pete and I went around the world on about 3.5 – 4 ltrs of water per day. I think we are using a lot more that that this time, so we will try to monitor use and work out how long we can keep going with what is in the tank and what we can make. Should be no problem but important to check.

Stonking along at the mo – broad reach and 6 – 7 knots vmg. Again, sparkling day, deep deep blue ocean that glows back at you when you peer into it.

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