FROM 1-34. Hobart-Sydney + Coming Home Party

Jan 05, 2006 - 1400hrs EDT

1400hrs 05 Jan 2006 EDT 39’49”S 149’17”E Ref 689

Just north of Flinders Island. Tiny NE breeze, still motoring under flat blue sky, the sea deep iridescent blue and when you look down into it there are slivery spokes of light radiating from your shadow and tiny luminous wildlife reflecting the sunlight. All enhanced with a noice cold drop of Dr Boags.

So what’s next? We’ve had lots of requests to keep the website going and to keep people advised as to the progress of the book and we can certainly do that – and keep the Marathon runners newsletter going too- but is there anything anyone else out there would like us to include? There’s the new BOG – the Brolga Owners Group as well but that has limited appeal to most of you. Personally, I would love to follow up on the things that all y’all have said you are going to do, either as a result of reading the log or because you were going to do it anyway and we’ve added some information or encouragement or impetus, so please keep on reporting progress – we can post anything you may want us to or that would be useful for other people.

Or we can just accept the Council’s decision and go along with the eviction order from the bus shelter and watch the bulldozers sweep it away.

Any suggestions – in anonymous brown paper envelopes if you like – gratefully accepted.


And it isn’t over yet – the Examiner still stalks the boardwalk and it’s a long way to South Head, however much experience we may think we have. We should reach Eden around 1800 tomoz. Will report as we go.

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