FROM 1-15. Falmouth, Malta, and environs

Jun 01, 2005 – 0445hrs UTC

0445hrs 01 Jun 2005 UTC Map Ref 267

back up to speed again for the mo. late tomorrow afternoon would be possible if this hangs in – which would be truly amazingly cool and froody because we have one g + t left and half a can of the dr. each plus a couple for the lizard and the manacles. cutting things a bit fine, i think. tomorrow would be  132 sailing days  fromsydney, 126 fromhobart, 115 fromdunedinand 69 fromstanley. high water fmth is at 1421 so we’ll be pushing the ebb if it happens. i think though, that friday morning is  more likely.

hard to believe it could be tomorrow – but must not lose sight of the main purpose – we are only half way round, with the first 3 legs completed and three to go. we have still to fumble our way around the fastnet course, get back tosydney, get some dr coopers into us and race tohobart. then it’s beer and skitles and a pan galactic gargle blaster or two. and back to work.

malcom i think today’s definition of a record would be something like data stored in retrievable form – so who’s out of date? it’s actually on a cd, but you might have felt less pedantically challenged if i’d said ‘recording’ perhaps? must have been made in the early 1940’s. and we owned it originally as a 45 vinyl played on a mono box.

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