FROM 1-15. Falmouth, Malta, and environs

Jun 01, 2005 – 1015hrs UTC

1015hrs 01 Jun 2005 UTC Map Ref 268

wooohooo. we’re past the continental shelf – crossed the 200m contour 3 hrs ago and we’ve got a depth reading again  -564 ft – the wonders etc. have received one bribe re arrival time so far – any advances? the water now grey, cloudy green – just like old times. more on the whales – the big one’s dorsal was curved back slightly and rounded – otherwise, no other distinguishers except that it was big. the pod of smaller ones looked like humpbacked torpedoes – that sort of head, and big triangular dorsals and very whale-like tails. mostly not breeching high enough to see their heads, unlike the bottlenose dolphins that almost leave the water sometimes.

we have just consulted on the auspiciousness of crossing 200 to go and found it rating very high – ar9.99 – and we have a small consultative draft left to check the ar for 100 tonight, i hope.

thanks to everyone who is ordering shirts and doing other fundraising – really appreciated. i will keep the updates going after we arrive and i can get a local  isp – hope to use but will advise in a day or two. i suspect we have a bit of reading to do – all we’ve had since the hf died has been malcolm’s laconic 800kb summaries twice a day. looking forward to it.

thanks all y’all. from alexl’s description, we will cross the webcam from left to right in the foreground and park in the right hand corner somewhere. if it looks beyond the big jetty as well, you might just see us coming into the harbour from right to left and turning towards at the end of the jetty.

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