FROM 1-15. Falmouth, Malta, and environs

Jun 01, 2005 – 1300hrs UTC

1300hrs 01 Jun 2005 UTC Map Ref 269

late tomoz or early friday is the go. we’re on time for tomoz at the mo, but seems to be softening again. we will set the dayglo orange storm jib on the inner forestay for our entry, so all y’all on the webcam can see us amid all the others. if it’s dark, we’ll turn on the spreader lights as soon as we are out of the shipping areas and the storm jib will do the proverbial. either way, you shoild certainly be able to see us. who’s in line for the eta prizes? we don’t know nuffin  out here. my oz mobile should be operational from around midday tomoz – not sure how good the service would be at lands end.

if we get in at night, we may be confined on board until customs open in the morning – i don’t know whether they have a 24 hour service. thirstmaking – perhaps they would allow a small delivery to be dropped on the pontoon next to us.

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