FROM 1-15. Falmouth, Malta, and environs

Jun 02, 2005 – 1550hrs UTC

1550hrs 02 Jun 2005 UTC Map Ref 276

in mobile range + have spoken to isabella in fmth.. knew we were close when a pusser’s frigate appeared out of the gloom to the north, together with accompanying lynx. can see all of mounts bay except lizard point, which is in the mist. don’t have accurate tidal atlas so only rough estimate, but fmth eta 1945zish plus a bit for the tide perhaps. they seem to have done away with customs formalities and we will need to find a way to immigrate pete’s oz passport, but the pubs will still be open and is + g have a bottle of gin.

so it may just be party time. we will consult as soon as the lizard appears. or maybe before. watch for the storm jib – dont think we could be any more conspic. and we’ll be thiking of all y’all.

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