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Nov 18, 2005 - 1100hrs UTC

1100hrs 18 Nov 2005 UTC

just spoke mcastle – dufresne very close – have tried to satphoine them but not answering – got their number from ile amsterdam.

further to toilet training – if you are offended by bodily functions, read no further.

in order to reduce the potential difficulties associated with the toilet situation i wrote about in my last, it is possible to minimise the ‘charge’ in the bowl by using the extraction method. takes practice and delicacy but it is possible to position the freckle exactly above the bowl outlet and go gently about one’s business. as one feels an emergence, tiny adjustments may be necessary to get the correct line and then one should commence slowly pumping out the bowl. one will feel the gently tug of the pump transmitted vertically to the freckle and nethers and – lo and behold – the emerging object is gone before one even knows it was there. a disaster in the making averted by skill and practice.

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