Topic: Life aboard

1-12. 26°S-Nose Brazil

Apr 28, 2005 – 0010hrs UTC

Hello to all out there,

For us the long awaited SE tradesBands of NW and SW winds either side of the equator that blow with more or less constant speed and direction all year. seem to be the NE tradesBands of NW and SW winds either side of the … Continue reading

1-22. Still heading south south east

Oct 02, 2005 - 2200hrs UTC │Violent Tea Drinking

If you happen to be very very unlucky, sitting in your bus shelter on the Fox studio lot with your clackerboard and your nice mug of tea – very very unlucky – the Vogon constructor fleet will arrive and decide to chuck you about a bit. Drench you with their foul smelling bilge water. Scratch and grunt a lot and give you the full benefit of Vogon armpit though the atmosphere control vents. You, of course, will keep your cool, brace for the worst, hold your nose for as long as possible and continue sipping your tea. … Continue reading

1-24. Closing on the Barn Door

Oct 17, 2005 - 1515hrs UTC │Sleeping and dressing

1515hrs 17 Oct 2005 UTC 40’08”S 004’55”E Ref 449

Wriggle, shimmy and glide – people ask us how we live in our little bus shelterExplanation here.

I sleep in the port (left) bunk – in which it is physically impossible to sleep straight or comfortable because the chain plate (big … Continue reading

1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 18, 2005

[Ed: Email problems have caused several messages from Berri to not arrive here at mission control. This is one of them. After much swearing and retrying they were able to resend it successfully – finally received 21 Nov!]

Imagine, if you will, that you are inside this little plastic … Continue reading

1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 18, 2005 - 1100hrs UTC

1100hrs 18 Nov 2005 UTC

just spoke mcastle – dufresne very close – have tried to satphoine them but not answering – got their number from ile amsterdam.

further to toilet training – if you are offended by bodily functions, read no further.

in order to reduce the potential … Continue reading

2-1. Sydney-Equator

A day in the life of...

From things you have said to me, I know that some of you out there are minutely interested in the daily life of a boot room rat, so here goes:

We are working 3 hour watches. If I tell you that I do the midnight to 0300 watch, you can … Continue reading