Topic: Conspiracy Theory

1-11. South Atlantic-26°S

Apr 07, 2005 – 0530hrs UTC

0530hrs 07 Apr 2005 UTC Map Ref 153

I have a problem – well several actually – the which I will try to digitise for all y’all. For those people who don’t do irony and understatement, I will try to add helpful footnotes.

The problem(s) can be summarised in … Continue reading

1-12. 26°S-Nose Brazil

Apr 18, 2005 - 11hrs UTC

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose…Still in our shed in Fox Studios, Malcom – there’s a bus shelter just outside the gate – and I forgot to add yaw into the gyrating cockpit – up to 60 degrees either side of intended course, perhaps, over the shorter period. To humour the unbelievers, we’re now off the Disneyland Space Mountain roller coaster and Pirates of the Caribbean rides and on a slowly rolling calm sea with no wind, lightning to the south, lovely moon. Chatty updates back on the agenda. … Continue reading

1-14. Nearly to Falmouth

May 15, 2005 - 1030hrs UTC

1030hrs 15 May 2005 UTC Map Ref 219 Propagation dreadful this morning (15/1030Z) – you may not get this till tomorrow Z – started yesterday evening local. Last night: The Great big Bear is up in the top spreaders and – all going well – should be up over the masthead in a couple of nights. So the flea has humped its bluey all the way round the curve of the pachydermatous rump and is approaching the nice sunny bit half way up the topside. … Continue reading

1-22. Still heading south south east

Oct 03, 2005 - 0830hrs UTC │ Bus shelter and Vogons

0830hrs 03 Oct 2005 UTC 26’10”S 024’58”W Ref 409

Between Double Island Point and Noosa.

Just put the main back up with 3 reefs. Pathetic really – 25 knots of breeze but we cant afford to go any faster until the seas abate – or until we know these squalls … Continue reading

2-13. Equator-Cape Town

The Arse-bone of an Ass

0700/4th position 0321 02423 Trip 110/24

And other matters fundamental. Berrimilla is a moving object – moving through spacetime but also moving relative to her inhabitants and quite violently at that. I’ve written about this before in the first blog – starting with the first of the bus shelterExplanation here … Continue reading