FROM 2013 & 2014 Logs

Home again. Examiner 1, old farts 0

Knackered – can’t believe we only left about a day and a half ago. Memories of some packed hours – Stars – the universe – the Southern Cross and its pointers and the coal sack and the dolphin slash of ther Milky Way. And all the nastiness beneath. Berri falling off waves, leaking chainplates, wondering what might break. Pete yelling “Just come up, Alex and bring some rope” Lunging for the grabrail in my thermals,torch, trying to maintain some equanimity as i scrabbled to undo a coil of spectra and out into the party. Pete hanging on to the tripod which had fallen back over the pushpit, generator still whizzing round. Kevvo underneath overwhelmed by the bodies hanging on and trying to secure the feral tripod. Which we managed. I took over, soaked, and hand steered for a bit whilt Pete tried to sleep – and the furling line broke so the jib unrolled and we had all of it out there flogging – fun. And so it went. Lessons, lessons. I’ll try to do them justice in another email. Berri was great. Sausage sandwich in a house that I’m convinced is moving…

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