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Writing this to send later. I dont think I should try to trasmit with out rather sad and now faceless wind generator lashed to the backstay on what’s left of its tripod. The backstay is also the HF radio aerial. I’ll try to send this by Iridium to see whether that works Lots of lessons for old geezers who think they know it all. I’ll try to list them but it’s still nasty outside and I will have to keep sticking my head up. List in a later email, if we ever finish this little slog, The Australian East Coast current is running at about 3 knots here and that’s about half out speed through the water. Engine going, 3 reefs, tiny bit of jib and about 3 kts towards the coast. We’ll meet it at Port Hacking, about 20 miles south of Sydney and tack north and there will be a loooong slog up the coast. The instruments say the water temp is a mind blowing 35 deg c. Must be a calibration problem but it does feel warm. We are 30 miles out, climbing the shelf which rises from 4000 m to about 200. I hope the current will slow in about 12 miles or 3 hours…

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