FROM 2013 & 2014 Logs

New Zealand

Customs booked for 1100 tomorrow, Friday Feb 8th. All being well, we will set off as soon as the paperwork is done. ETA North Cape NZ about 9 days if the weather is kind. We hope to clear into NZ at Opua in the Bay of Islands and then sail down to Waiheke Island in Hauraki Gulf a few miles from Auckland. We have a Consultation booked for the weekend of Feb 22nd but we won’t be headbanging deadlines. This time there isn’t a Fastnet starting gun or a total eclipse out there somewhere and we can relax a bit. This log should be live the whole way over and back as long as I can keep the technology alive. We intend to use the sextant to check that the GPS is working properly on the way. Y’all can send emails to but we won’t be able to pick them up from the boat. Please send them anyway. This time there is no Steve or Speedy to act as filter and forwarding agent but I’ll try to answer when we are back on line. So here goes…

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