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How not to go to NZ

The northern track from the Heads is our outbound track. The effect of the East Australian current is obvious – and it’s even more interesting with the wind tails added. To get to Cape Reinga, we needed to hold 077 magnetic or 090 true and we weren’t even close even though the wind was more or less northerly. A lesson for the impetuous. Berri can only sail to about 60 deg off the wind in any sort of nasty sea. And – memo to self – don’t forget the current. I set off assuming that in a northerly wind we should be able to sail east relatively easily, although uncomfortably. I was wrong. Starting on the fixes. Did anyone notice the cat supervising the drying rugs in the last photo of the previous post? And then the thunderstorm arrived – i just got the rugs in but the cat got wet…

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