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In the logs of April 09, 2005September 20, 2005 , and May 6, 2009, Pete, Alex and Corrie answered questions on boredom

  • Do you get bored?
  • When you are bored what do you do?
  • Isn’t it boring being on a boat and seeing nothing but sea for days on end?


Bored? Bloody well bored – I’m so looking forward to being bored.

I’ve been beaten, bruised, battered, brutalised bloodied but never bored. In the southern ocean, we were always living on the edge. We were small and vulnerable. A 33 foot boat is not the boat of choice for down there. But you can make it if you are careful and make no mistake. With these parameters, boredom doesn’t exist. Since leaving Stanley, we seem to be in 3 day cycles of good and bad weather. By the time you recover in the good times, its all on again.

Boredom will become a problem in a month’s time when we are north of the equator and the horse latitudes. I’m looking forward to it.


It’s quite hard to get bored.

We work and sleep in three hour watches and there’s usually something necessary to do like changing a sail, sending emails, cooking, making tea with all those teabags and things like that. When it is really windy, we don’t get much chance even to rest, let alone get bored. Sometimes it is difficult for me to get over my natural laziness and actually get on and do the things that need doing but that’s another problem. And we now have all you people to talk to as well – good fun.

But we do have lots of books and we both have CD players with MP3 discs for those times when nothing is happening.  I like doing crossword puzzles too and my family cut out a whole lot of them from newspapers over several weeks and sent them to me in England so I’ve got no excuse for being bored.

Also, I have a little short wave radio and out here, i can listen to the West Indies, to Brazil, North America, West Africa and the BBC from England.


People sometimes say, ‘Isn’t it boring being on a boat and seeing nothing but sea for days on end?

Far from it, apart from the daily jobs to keep things ticking over smoothly: there is always something to be done to keep you occupied, the sea itself is beautiful, a constantly changing visual landscape all around. Mostly blue, (or grey at the moment) but often every other colour imaginable from vivid ochre-red to insipid pale grassy green. Stunning, not boring at all!!

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