Topic: Cooking

1-6. Below 50S

Feb 28, 2005 - 2330hrs UTC

2330hrs 28 Feb 2005 UTC 53’59”S 101’51”W Map Ref 89

Pete: Hello to all out there not residing in washing machines.

Yesterday we were sitting between two lows without much wind. Outside, it was raining and bloody cold. Ales was hand steering to keep the boat moving, using the tiller … Continue reading

1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 13, 2005 - 0345hrs UTC

0345hrs 13 Nov 2005 UTC 42’57”S 057’43”E Ref 546

We’ve been trying to claw our way south to 45 but it’s not so easy – in a 40 kt westerly with a big breaking beam sea, about 140M is about all that we can manage, especially with just a storm … Continue reading

1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 16, 2005 - 2315hrs UTC

2315hrs 16 Nov 2005 UTC 44’51”S 066’40”E Ref 561

4451 6640 16/2315 not happy. still no worthwhile wind – we’ve spent the last 12 hours or so hand steering, tweaking, generally doing our best to keep up the illusion that the old bus shelterExplanation here is still on the … Continue reading

2-9. Greenland-N.Atlantic-Falmouth

K: Messages in bottles & hazard tape dinners...

Well, we’re at it again – bare polingExplanation here across the Atlantic. Bounce, roll, bounce, slosh, slide, roll, lurch, sper-lash! Corrie may need a thesaurus to find another word for relentless but couple come to mind for me: persistent and never ending for starters! I wonder if we should make … Continue reading