Topic: Things that worked

1-2. Hobart (Tasmania)-Dunedin (NZ)

Jan 23, 2005 - 1700hrs SYD │Dunedin, NZ │Knockdown Damage Report

Greetings from Dunedin – late, with apologies. Lost an hour’s email yesterday when the slot machine gizmo on this pc crashed and reset my screen so I’m having another go, but in instalments. We’ve been assessing damage – rather more than first impressions but still relatively superficial and some of it quite surprising, and then arranging fixes, delivery of spares and just churning the inside of the boat to make it more manageable. … Continue reading

1-6. Below 50S

Feb 27, 2005 – 0730hrs UTC

Sitrep: 0730hrs 27 Feb 2005 UTC 53’14”S 106’45”W Map Ref 85

It’s amazing how fast things change down here. This morning I was looking back over my shoulder and thinking whoopee – steady flow lines for a few days, no problems. Tonight, with a new gribWeather files. Graphics in Binary … Continue reading

1-13. Across the Equator

May 06, 2005 - 0445hrs UTC

0445hrs 06 May 2005 UTC Map Ref 203

This will be a bit of a Q&A session. Writing it at night with Pete on watch. Not as easy to write long emails on this side of the Wall because of the shipping. On the other side, I could sit … Continue reading

1-13. Across the Equator

May 07, 2005 - 2115hrs UTC

Somewhere in Australian literature there’s a book or story called “Call me when the Cross turns over”. This would be obscure today to most Australians, I expect, because to appreciate just how the Cross does turn over, you need a horizon and a clear view of most of the sky. It’s very obvious from here … Continue reading

1-20. Belmore and Pete swims

Sep 17, 2005 - 0345hrs UTC │Pete's Swim

Pete’s Swim: (I will add to this as we think of more) What happened: We are not sure how the boat came to gybe. I think that we had used the electric autopilot to tack after we put the reef in and – as often happens – the actuator arm had disconnected from the tiller so the boat was not under the control of either autopilot. … Continue reading

2-13. Equator-Cape Town

'Hallo Fishy'

Position 1900/2nd 0050 02357

Things you learn out here – tricks of agility and dexterity – in pearshapedness, Berri may rise and fall rather violently as much as 30 feet in seconds, while at the same time rolling, pitching and yawing often in jerks – classic corkscrew motion accompanied by … Continue reading