Topic: Flea and the Elephant

Oct 05, 2005 - 0415hrs UTC

0415hrs 05 Oct 2005 UTC 28’42”S 021’52”W Ref 416

Jeremy, Falmouth, UK:

Have been enjoying (is that the right word?) your comments of the South Atlantic,it has refreshed my memory of how nasty it can be. My escape was to get as far into my sleeping bag as possible and … Continue reading

Oct 06, 2005 - 0915hrs UTC

0915hrs 06 Oct 2005 UTC 30’09”S 019’48”W Ref 419

DB: 116, 7970 gps 118 47/63 and just holding the breeze.

Now 06/1215 and I’ve been out there hand steering the assyAsymetric spinnaker for 3 hours – gorgeous sailing, averaging about 5.5 kts, sunshine, water 18 degrees. We’re down out of … Continue reading