Topic: Watches

1-2. Hobart (Tasmania)-Dunedin (NZ)

Jan 17, 2005 - 1032hrs SYD

We’ve now changed target to waypoint Alpha, 1104 nm to the east. Should take about 8 days in our current fairly conservative mode. Latest report puts us already south of the northernmost sighting of ice, but it’s a long way ahead. Todays wildlife: near the Snares, two tiny penguin-like birds – square back ends apparently with a foot at each rear corner, little narrow wings flapping away but only just airborne. … Continue reading

1-12. 26°S-Nose Brazil

Apr 22 2005 - 1950hrs UTC

1950hrs 22 Apr 2005 UTC

Greetings all, I have to answer a few questions.

Siobhan in sunny London asks “are you still enjoying it out there“. Tonight I’m enjoying it,not so last night.

The same watch last night was a horror.We had lots of rain squalls, wind 5-35 kts from … Continue reading

1-13. Across the Equator

May 06, 2005 - 0445hrs UTC

0445hrs 06 May 2005 UTC Map Ref 203

This will be a bit of a Q&A session. Writing it at night with Pete on watch. Not as easy to write long emails on this side of the Wall because of the shipping. On the other side, I could sit … Continue reading

Oct 11, 2005 – 1030hrs UTC

1030hrs 11 Oct 2005 UTC 36’25”S 010’15”W Ref 431

It has been a long slow night. At these longitudes, I get two fully dark three hour watches, from 2100-midnight and 0300-0600. It is now 0500 and I’ve got another hour to go. We don’t have enough batteries for me to … Continue reading

1-25. Blowing a (super) gale

Oct 20, 2005 - 0530hrs UTC

0530hrs 20 Oct 2005 UTC 39’37”S 009’47”E Ref 462

Yesterday was a long and fairly grim day, so it seems to have been a good one to have tried to describe more or less as it happened. They are not all like that, although there is often a fair amount … Continue reading

1-27. Indian Ocean Examiner

Nov 01, 2005 - 2250hrs UTC

2250hrs 01 Nov 2005 UTC 39’24”S 032’36”E Ref 511

Story of a watch – 01/1500-1800: Grey overcast with light, barely visible diaphanous mist over the water. Black petrels plus a small grey one and a lone, twin tailed tern milling around. The watch started with the storm jibA very … Continue reading