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In the log of April 09, 2005, Pete answered the question

Do you get annoyed with eachother?

Of course we get annoyed with eachother – we wouldnt be human if we didn’t get annoyed in such close confinement.

But for us to complete this little adventure, we must trust and help eachother and not be concerned with the trivial crap that sours many friendships. It’s Alex’s boat – we consult about things, i have as much input as I like but the final call is his. We both agree on the important things that affect the safety of the boat. we have sailed enough together and been in enough situations to have confidence in eachother’s abilities.

When your’e tired and exhausted, it’s easy to get annoyed but we give sufficient latitude to eachother to get over this. There have been no arguments, no shouting matches. There have been many disagreements but at the end of the day over perhaps a Gin and tonic, alex will agree that i was right and i will agree that he was right. The weather must have something to do with it – on a day like today, I don’t think even Alan Jones could annoy me.

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