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Safety – and science? – on Sunday

Two hypotheses – The Safety Roadhouse, 20 miles east of Nome, stocks proper medicinal compounds – or it doesn’t. We drove out there to test them last Sunday – can this be science? – and found the place closed so they remain untested. And passed two lost chihuahuahs out on the tundra on the way back without knowing they were there. Yep, really! One was found, and we were asked later to help look for the other one – it has now been out there in the rain for more than 24 hours. And now it’s Thursday – Still chihuahuahless but after testing hypotheses. H2 turned out to be correct – It doesn’t but it has an excellent line in Bloody Marys. The chihuahhuah hunt involved about 20 big pickup trucks, several cars and about 7500 pounds of human biomass all looking for a few ounces of tiny dog. Sadly, I think little Fancy is lost and gone for ever. Virus-free. <#m_4219440222959856200_DAB4FAD8-2DD7-40BB-A1B8-4E2AA1F9FDF2>

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