FROM Village Girl

Tugboat bookends

We were almost pinned into Browns Bay again as the wind inconveniently rose and blew directly into the entrance at 25 kts or so right on the start of our Narrows window. Luckily, Rodney the tugboat man was going out at the right time and he towed us out of the harbour. Thanks heaps – again, Rodney!. Unrolled headsail and an exhilarating sail down through the Narrows eddie’s – all very gentle at almost slack but we could feel the power. So could VG! We’d arranged for Rob the Campbell River towboat man to pick us up just north of the CR harbour entrance and so it came to pass. It was lucky we did – no way we could have heathfarted across the wind and against the current around the cruise ship piles and dolphins and into the entrance. Might just have made it under full sail but I doubt it. Rob was at full power ferry gliding us in. So here we are – it’s still blowing a hooley from the NW and would not be much fun out in the Strait of Georgia. We look like being here till Saturday and a predicted wind change. Then, we hope, to Nanaimo perhaps over 2 days and Megan will catch the ferry to Vancouver to collect our motor. One of our friends said the motor would look good when we see it and I said it would outdo the Mona Lisa in sheer beauty, so Mona Lisa the motor will be. Yay! The photo is looking north at the northern end of the Narrows a few minutes after slack water. It changes fast!

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