FROM Village Girl

Why? Written over 2 days

I expect you are all wondering why we seem to be wasting hours of good tide and parking for the night. It’s all about taking no risks at this point of the race. This evening the wind dropped to about 3 kts and we had a big tidal flow and nowhere easy to get to if things got pearshaped later so again we compromised. VG is way harder to move than Bobbles by Heath and old fart – henceforth Heathfart – we are now working out the limits and I think we can sustain about 2 knots for a couple of hours but that doesn’t necessarily get us out of trouble. Tomorrow looks uncool and un froody too. Tides, winds and current make for an interesting bit of calculation.The equation – do we hang about for the favourable tide in the afternoon or get out and try to Heathfart to Porlier pass and park for the outflowing tide? Lots of variables. Or do we just Heathfart towards Dodd Narrows and try to get through in the evening? VG is a lot harder to control and local advice from the owner of the boat we are tied up to says don’t even try in VG. I think I agree. And now it’s Saturday and we have a plan. The current reverses at low water in Porlier Passage at about 1430 and that’s the time to go for it. We are 6 miles away, with a slightly adverse tide so we’ll get heathfarting in an hour or so. Glassy calm outside our little cove. Watch this space and keep ‘em crossed. Carla, go find the Examiner and corrall her for 12 hours or so please.

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