It seems to be happening. Big glassing and grinding job around the centreboard case yesterday with Megan emerging from the depths like some troglodytic Yeti all covered in glass powder. The daggerboard in final stages of sanding and then it too will be glassed and we’ll watch the grass growing as it dries. Cedar isn’t the best for a daggerboard but it’s all we could get and the glass will make it at least semi bulletproof. With a bit of luck, back in the water tonight or early tomorrow and we’ll see if she’s waterproof. The plan is North to Alaska if it all seems to have worked, but we’ll do it in test stages with the first reappraisal in Campbell River if we make it that far. We’ve missed a few days of perfect winds and I’ll bet the lady with the whip has plans to laugh at us a lot as we go. We’ll see. In the photos, the board has about another 6 inches to go down and the rudder is not quite reassembled. We also shortened the boom and rearranged the reefing system. Was a big day and another in progress.

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