Another big day yesterday. Wayne took us to the plastics shop for fibreglass materials and Megan ground, filled and glassed the centreboard case crack and I made a daggerboard which we will glass and seal today. We will make the trunk inside the centreboard case to support it and fill all the remaining voids with foam and that should be a much stronger arrangement as well as having better sailing characteristics than the original dangly board. The photos show our very sexy new rudder, suitably inscribed by Tom; the daggerboard emerging from rough cut cedar with the old board posing together, and Megan filling some cool wormholes in the new board. With due deference to Herself with the whip and leathers, we could be back in the water tomorrow. We shall see. ….Then we have to get Bobbles to Homer. The options are to continue north to Prince Rupert where there is road access and where the motor and our other kit is waiting for us and either trail from there or put her on a fishing boat if there’s one going the right way, or to return to Port Townsend and bring the trailer up from Portland. North is clearly the more interesting version. Watch this space…

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