Foam and substance

Our last full day to fix stuff. A biggie – with Martin’s help, we modified the solar panel and fitted it to a rather delicate bracket on the outboard motor mount. It’s more or less horizontal and not adjustable so will not be optimally efficient but it does pump amps into the battery. Then Megan and I got down and messy moving the rowing station about a metre forward – a non trivial task involving moving both the slide position and the rowlocks and drilling holes and getting deep into the bowels with makeshift spanner to tighten the rowlock pin holding nuts. To do this, Megan drew the short straw and did the burrowing and had to chop out yet more foam beore we could move the rowlocks but it seems to have worked. A sweaty business! Tomorrow we move Bobbles down to the Maritime Centre and it all begins for real. Safety inspection on Wednesday…

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