Midnight in Sidney

Apologies for the long gap. It’s been busy and tiring for old farts. We rowed most of the way from Nanaimo to here a couple of days ago with a tide stop overnight in a tiny anchorage in Long Harbour. The rowing hands and the nethers are getting back into form. Now tucked into the very tightly packed and busy marina at Canoe Cove, almost under the huge travel lift in a spot that nearly dries at low water, so ideal for Bobbles. We bounced the new daggerboard and rudder on some rocks on approach which caused som lack of dignity but they survived. Their next serious test will be the strait of Juan de Fuca in a day or so. It’s been raining and really uncomfortable but we have our towels. Both sleeping in bear suits in preparation for a 0400 start, heading for Friday Harbour and customs clearance back into the USA. Maybe a small consultation with Sue and Jim, the Sailmail Wizards. There’s a bit of wind forecast for Sunday so we may hang out till Monday before heading into the last leg to Port Townsend. Just like when I first looked at Nome on the internet, I never thought I’d ever get to Friday Harbour. Yet to happen, of course, but I live in hope. Thanks to some inspired guesswork by the boys from Buckeye, we have our engine back after a day on the ferries for Megan and I may not need to row. Huge thanks to JT and Robbie and we hope you got back to your boat safely. Shaky wifi so no photos but any FBook friends with Megan will have seen hers.

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