B4B2 update

A bit of a plod to get over here. Not a lot of wind for the first half and some quite interesting tide races with big short spaced overfalls. Bobbles behaved beautifully. We missed the tide off Victoria and had to headbang against it for a couple of hours to get around the breakwater. 5 knots through the water and about a knot over the ground. Tedious. We were looking at a massive cruise ship for about half the way. .Bit of a leak which we hope we’ve fixed. ..Now there are 3 cruise ships and the place has perhaps 15000 tourists in gaggles and throngs. Victoria, I’m sure is a lovely city but the downtown area where we’re at is wall to wall blocks of gift shops, souvenir shops, twee restaurants and bars and a single scoop of ice cream costs $AUD about 7.00. I spent several hours in expanding concentric circles trying to buy eggs, bacon and veggies and came back with a pallid and droopy set of spuds and onions and apples from the one shop in Chinatown that sells the stuff. Eggs from the Korean shop way up the road but no bacon. Megan set off in the opposite direction later and found some. And a case of proper Medicinal Compound for out 6pm consultations. Yay! I’ll post some pics later. Tomorrow it all starts again. Seems that there are videos and stuff on Facebook. Go find…

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