Yellow box and decoys…

One of those days when things move forward just a bit but a huge barrier is negotiated. We’ve been wimping about stepping the mast with Bobbles in her present parking lot as opposed to marina berth because any serious loss of control might have put the masthead dangerously close to power lines. Lots of careful planning about what goes where, what could go wrong, double checking all the shrouds correctly attached and a series of choreographed moves today and up it went. Yayy!! We tried various combinations of sails and discovered that the old mainsail, with minimal scissoring and some needlework will probably work as a crude assymetric kite and B3’s old #5 jib will fly as a heavy weather sail and as a working jib in a combination cutter imitation. The guesswork modified jib that I brought from Oz is about 6″ too long in the luff, so a fail there but everything else seems to be workable. Amongst all the kerfuff with the mast, Megan made a yellow box for the cooking stove and eating spanners and we are working on a configuration for the hiking straps Rowlocks (oarlocks here in local rowspeak) to fit tomorrow and some little fixes plus some shopping but…. With appendages firmly crossed and decoys everywhere to distract the Examiner, we could be sailing in a couple of days. The photos are the new mainsail with the original technicolour jib and the original technicolour main flying as an assymetric outside the #5.

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