Glossary: A Hitchhikers Guide to Berriland

Alphabetic listing of places, words, phrases and acronyms with their definitions, carefully and skilfully crafted by Alex’s sister, Isabella. Crib for the underlying themes and jokes.

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warehouses - Waves the size of warehouses
washboards - In this context, the two sturdy wooden half ‘doors’ that close the companionway entrance when things get pearshaped and we need to keep the greenies (qv) out of the cabin. Made specially by Pete.
Waypoint - A fixed location with specified latitude and longtitude co-ordinates maintained by GPS
Witchard - Witchard, John: Berri has one of his 22hp engines, much praised for its reliability. See also Tractor.
WM - Witchard Marine, Berrimilla's engine maker owned and run by John Witchard, a friend who sailed in Berri in a Hobart race.
Wollongong - The town which moves. There is a Berri-joke about having a beer off Wollongong on the return trip from Hobart - and how Wollongong seems to move further south each year.
Woohoo - a primitive, exultant, gibbon-like call given out by an old geezer; many variations as listed, in order of emphasis: Woohoo Woooohooo WOOOHOOO WOOOHOOO! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!
WWG - Wet weather gear. See Party gear
Wx - Short for ‘weather’