FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs

A bit battered but back in Sinny.

We motored from Eden to Brush Island south of Ulladulla and then the southerly arrived. 15 knots at first. 3 reefs and half the headsail, lumpy double swell 4 metreish from north east and south peaking and amplifying where they crossed so very uncomfortable. We nosed into Bermagui just after dark to find very big waves breaking across the entrance – last second decision to get out of there before we got swamped. Might have stayed to assess the possibilities in daylight but exceptionally dangerous at night – huge stone breakwater is not bouncy and completely impossible to judge the waves. So onward, ever onward into another especially long black night. Eerie phosphorescence, more whales, dolphins shooting strings of pearly glow under and around the boat and snorting a lot – and a strange glowing patch of ocean – I wondered whether there was a whale somewhere under us. Odd. 12 hours or so later, Point Perpendicular taking forever to round as usual. And the huge swells in the shallow waters. My guess about 6, maybe 7 metres. Memories of the very first time in Miko with Don Burfitt when we were pooped several times. Then it got dark again and the wind rose to about 25+ knots and life became more interesting. 3 reeled main overpowering kevvo and the autopilot and causing wild gyrations in the swell with poor old Berri sliding down waves and rounding up and generally making hay. Threatening to drag the boom through a wave and maybe break something so preventer off. Hand steering was fun but I was a bit too knackered by then to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. Just a bit too much for Megan to steer but she’s getting the idea. Not easy sailing, but interesting and a bit stressful for old geezers short of sleep. I took down the main and it settled for a bit, then had to roll in half of the remaining heady. Berri still rolling wildly. Swell rising all the time but Berri pointing at Sin City and so – eventually, after a very long but spectacular night with the lights from Kiama to Cronulla glowing golden orange under the low overcast (making everything else much blacker) and several very big ships just outside us – it came to pass. We gybed into South Head at about 0600 and up the harbour to RANSA. The harbour is different every time we enter and this time it was windswept, raffish and with that reddish look to the rocks after rain. And empty. And rather wonderful to be back. Two very tired and somewhat battered cookies tided up the old barge and cadged a lift home from Pete. And slept. And slept. And we’ve been unloading and cleaning – poor old barge needs TLC and we’re doing our best. Photos to follow.

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